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   Specializing in Telephone

Hypnosis Sessions for:


     Smoking cessation

     Stress reduction

     Public speaking

     Deep relaxation

     Self confidence

     Improved acting ability

     Audition nerves

     Sports enhancement

     Study habits

     Memory retention

     Test taking & more...

     Also available for Group and individual Past Life Regression Sessions.




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   Our programs create permanent change "Immediately" and then "Maintain that Change" with our unique "30 Day Habit Replacement Program" and best of all they are only done on the telephone from the comfort and safety of your own home for optimum success.


     Not only do we use the most advanced techniques available in hypnosis today but "we wrote the book" on hypnosis!



Raluca E. Bastarache, CI
Author, Instructor & Hypnosis Practitioner

Director of The American School of Hypnosis Centers
Board of Advisors, American International Association of Hypnosis

Biddeford, ME 04005
(207) 590-3733 

Call or email for appointment.
E-mail:  Raluca@ChooseHypnosis.com



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The Advantages of Telephone Sessions

 1.  More Effective -
Telephone sessions have all the best features of office sessions but none of the drawbacks as you will see below . . .  By being more comfortable and at home, you will be more relaxed open to suggestion which will give you a better session.

 2.  Comfort of Home -  Imagine being able to relax in your own home, office or even vacation spot without the discomfort and vulnerability feelings of sitting in front of a stranger with your eyes closed.  Where else can you relax and open your mind more that in your own space.

 3.  By Hypnotherapy Instructors - Our Hypnotherapists are not only certified clinical practitioners but also instructors of Hypnotherapists at The American School of Hypnosis which is one of the top ranked Hypnosis Training Schools in the United States.

 4.  Save Time & Expenses  -  Driving to a hypnosis office, battling traffic and finding parking and then waiting in office waiting rooms.


 5.  Theater of the Imagination - For added Success in your Experience you will also be given Raluca's MP3 "Theater of the Imagination" to listen to between your live sessions.  This will be the difference between Success and Failure in your habit creation process.  CLICK HERE to learn the science behind it.        




"Hypnosis is a state of mind, not a state of sitting on a chair in an office."


     Most topics for hypnosis require between 4 - 5 sessions.  Sessions for weight loss and similar ongoing changes may take more sessions according to the amount of weight you desire to lose.

     You can listen to your session by telephone or preferably on a phone headset so that your hands are free.  It can even be done via Skype to avoid long distance or overseas charges.

      Make sure that you can relax and will be undisturbed for a duration of approximately  30 minutes.  You will want to choose an area where you can experience comfort when you are being hypnotized.  This should be a place where you are fully supported no matter how deeply relaxed you become.  Especially your neck and back areas.  Most people enjoy using a recliner during hypnosis however any other sort of comfortable chair can work.  

      Make sure you won't be distracted during the session.  Disable your cell phone, pager, call waiting, television or any other device that you think may disturb you.  Also, be sure that other people won't enter the room during your session.  It is best to have no time pressure, so make sure you have no further appointments.  You may even want to place a sign on your door so as to not be disturbed during the session.

      We encourage you to have your session in a private space, and ask that you request family or others sharing your living quarters to be quiet and to avoid entering the room during your session.  It is important that you not be interrupted under any circumstances except genuine and serious emergencies.

      Pets need to be in another room or space during your hypnosis session, no matter how adorable they are. This includes even well behaved cats or dogs.  We have found that they may make noise or otherwise demand other types of attention when their owners are in hypnosis.

      Make sure to take a bathroom break before your session begins!

      In the even that something should happen to the connection on our end, we will attempt to reconnect and continue immediately.  If we are not able to, we will reschedule your appointment.  This seldom happens.

      Naturally, we understand that circumstances might arise which would require you to change your appointment.  In this case, please call us at the below number at least 24 hours in advance, and we will be happy to arrange another time for your session.  Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will not be refunded.

      The number to call to schedule your hypnosis appointment is: (207) 590-3733



     You now have two choices . . .

1.  SAME - Do nothing and remain the same. 

2 CHANGE - Get up, walk to the phone, call (207) 590-3733 to schedule your session and take the first step to success.

What will it be?

 Call us NOW to get started today! 
Call (207) 590-3733

TELEPHONE HYPNOSIS DETAILS & RATES:  Rates range from $150 - $200 per session depending on the amount of sessions required and pre-payment. Call for your quote and to schedule today,








    Theater of

the Imagination

            by: Raluca




Short, Sweet, Powerful and to the point!        


Narrated by Raluca E. Bastarache, this Guided Imagination journey should be used as a follow-up to any of the sessions on this page.  If listened to daily for at least 30 days it will create a permanent, subconscious habit to replace the old, negative behavior.  It is designed to have you use your imagination as the catalyst for change.  Remember:  The subconscious mind does not understand the difference between a real or an imagined memory. Total MP3 running time 11:59 - Short enough to easily listen to daily. It will help you to start each day with a new positive outlook.  enjoy!





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All sessions below are in m4a format rather than mp3.

     m4a, also known as AAC:

     1. Have better sound quality than mp3s.

     2. Are known for it's small bit rate so it takes up less space than an mp3

     3. Are supported by more applications such as iTunes, iPod and nano.

** Try the free sample below to see for yourself before purchasing.




Attract a Soul Mate




What are you looking for in a mate?  Love, happiness, kindness, a pretty car? Decide, imagine and place your order. Your time for happiness is now!

(The new car may be optional)




$22.00   $17.98




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Bed Wetting



Eliminate bed wetting once and for all.  Bed wetting is simply a nervous vent.  Eliminate the stress and find a different way to deal with it. Let's get started. You deserve a drier sleep.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Creating Wealth



Did you realize that is is more natural to be wealthy than it is to live in poverty? "Being wealthy is the noblest of all causes."  Not only can you enhance your own life but you can change the lives of many others as well. Change your mindset and begin attracting wealth into your life now! You deserve to be wealthy.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Decision Making



The first step in decision making is to make the first one. Decisions are always being made either by you or by default as a result of your not making one soon enough.  If you don't believe that then try dropping a twenty dollar bill on a busy sidewalk and then begin to decide whether you should pick it up or not.  You won't have to wait very long before the decision is made for you by someone else grabbing it up and running off. Be in the drivers seat of your own life.  Decide to make a difference right now. Grab your twenty dollar bill off the sidewalk and buy this session now!


  $22.00   $17.98



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Fear of Criticism



Create your new habit of success by eliminating fear now.  Learn to retrain your mind with powerful suggestion to give you the life you have been wanting. The criticism of others actually has nothing to do with you.  It is simply their own agenda. You are the best you that you can be.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Fear of Failure



Eliminate the causes of fear of failure.  Failure is subjective and does not exist. Think of the acronym of F.E.A.R. as False Evidence Appearing Real. Begin your new life now. Just for a moment, right now, ignore the fear, close your eyes and ask yourself, "What "do" I want? Then go for it.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Fear of Rejection



Fear of rejection resides in your mind. Use your mind to eliminate it. Learn to see through the false illusions of fear.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Fear of Success



Here is a way to change that fear of success to a habit of success. You are a successful person and you know it.  Eliminate the illusions that stand in the way of what you deserve.  You're a winner!


  $22.00   $17.98



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You can use your mind to create a more feminine you. Are you ready to start? This is one of our most popular sessions. You can walk, talk and feel more feminine that you ever have and be proud of it. It's time to strut your stuff!


  $22.00   $17.98  

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Finding Lost Objects



This is a guided session in forensic hypnosis. If you lost something then chances are that the location is still in your mind as long as it hasn't been stolen from there by someone.  The situation is that in being stressed you are not able to attain the memory portion of the mind that has that information. This session will guide you through relaxing and finding what you have lost.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Hearing, Improve



Did you hear that?  What did you say?  Excuse me?  Huh? Eliminate these annoying statements. Improve your hearing so you can catch it on the first try.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Interview Success



Do you have an interview coming up?  Create a new habit of interview success. Learn to keep calm, carry yourself in a positive manner and attract the results you desire.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Jealousy acts more like an infection rather than an emotion. Cure it now. You are better than that and you know it.  Learn to control your emotions so you can breathe a new happiness and satisfaction in the new you!


  $22.00   $17.98



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Laughter is the cure for all that ails you.  Learn how contagious laughter can be. This session will help you to develop the gift of laughter in your life.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Learning Language


Alo, Ce-va, Hi, Gutten Tag, Ce faci, Ola, and the learning has already begun. . .

Enhance your language learning ability by utilizing more of your subconscious in the process.  Every bit helps, oui?


  $22.00   $17.98  

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Masculinity Analytical


Are you ready to become more manly now?  Create a masculine habit. You will develop a natural manly ability rather than simply "acting" manly but not feeling it.  The change must begin and change in your mind first.  Be the masculine person you know you can be!


  $22.00   $17.98  

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Memory Recall



What was this MP3 about?  I just can't seem to remember?  Is this you?  Whether you are a student or just not able to remember where you left the car keys, this session will teach you a new way of thinking through simply relaxing. 

First, you must remember to purchase the session.  Do it now!


  $22.00   $17.98



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Money Magnet


Money comes to me in everything that I do.  I am a money magnet.

With this session you will not only begin to attract money but also opportunities.  You never know what might be around the corner when you are attraction abundance to you.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Past Life Regression



I'm having the best time of my past life.  Are you? Have you ever experienced déjà-vu?  Ever felt that you have been somewhere before?  Have you ever met someone and felt that you knew them in a previous life or had an unnatural connection with them?  Perhaps you have!  Close your eyes, relax and find out.  This is a generic session that can guide you to xperience different lives or experiences each time you listen to it.  Travel by yourself, with your spouse or even share the session with your friends so everyone can journey on their own.  It can turn a Saturday night into a night to remember. Enjoy the trip and let me know if we meet.


  $22.00   $17.98



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When will you get around to it?  How about now? ... or now ... or even now?

There's no time like the present to change,  so get your credit card and order this session now.  The first step in eliminating procrastination is to act ... now ... do it ...


  $22.00   $17.98  

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Public Speaking




Create a habit of speaking up, speaking out and enjoying doing so. This will help students public speakers or even for getting in front of the boss and asking for a raise.




Simply sit in a comfortable spot, click on the link to the right and let it guide you through a full hypnosis session designed to enhance your public speaking ability



Here's your gift!





Get Your




Sample m4a



Sales Motivation




You've had this motivation before, bring it out again and keep it out. This motivation will enhance your sales but most importantly help you to feel so much better about yourself.  After all, when you sell, you are selling yourself first.



$22.00   $17.98



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Smoking Cessation


Quit smoking now. This MP3 is a deep relaxation to finally quit the habit. Imagine quitting smoking without cravings or withdrawals.  Imagine the confidence you have by being in control of all aspects of your life.  Imagine the added health and increased breath you can enjoy. Think of what you can buy with all the money you saved by being a non smoker.  Not make a decision to change and do it.  (this session is best if followed up with the "Theater of the Imagination Session above by Raluca"


  $22.00   $17.98



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Sports Improvement


Would you like to improve your game? Golf, tennis, swimming, body building, baseball, football, soccer, ballet or even the Olympics.  Whatever your game you have the mental ability to make it better!  The difference between the winning horse in the Kentucky derby and the number two loser can be a s little as the length of a nose. Condition yourself to get that added umph needed to be a winner. In hypnosis all of your senses are enhanced a minimum of 15%. What can be enhanced to add to your game?  Find  out now and win!


  $22.00   $17.98



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Study Habits



You've been studying the same was as you did as a child, all of your life. You are no longer 5 years old.  Learn how to study properly and how to be able to retain what you have learned. Create a new habit of studying properly now.  Don't worry, there will not be a test!


  $22.00   $17.98



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Weight Loss




This session is for those who want to lose weight the traditional way. Healthily, steadily and without turning your whole life upside down.  The minimum average weight loss with hypnosis for a dedicated subject while consistently listening to this session is approximately 1% of your body weight per week.

example - A 200 lb person = 2 or more pounds per week.


  $22.00   $17.98



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Weight Loss

Exercise More


This MP3 is for those who would like to exercise more to lose weight. Consider it like the previous session but accelerated due to the additional weight loss due to exercise. By burning more calories you'll have bigger gains. Ready? Start!

  $22.00   $17.98



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*** If for any reason your sale did not go through please try again on THIS PAGE and we apologize in advanced for any inconvenience.


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